Site preparation and development Marina Quartier, Regensburg

Revitalisation of a slaughterhouse site

In 2011 the CA Immo Deutschland has acquired an approx. 7 ha former Schlachthofgelände in Regensburg which fulfilled a new function in the city’s East End. The new city quarter will be characterized through a wide mixed utilization (living, working, leisure and culture). The listed Schlachthof and an inner water area shell be together a central and identity creating element. The reference to the Danube should be manufactured by an external marina. As the project manager omniCon controls on behalf of the owner the dismantling, the soil restructuring and the excavation preparation as well as the public development.


Our performance Project management of planning and construction work for earthwork, dismantling, restructuring and disposal work. Management of public development for traffic area and outdoor installation.
Client CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
Location Former Schlachthofgelände in the city’s east
Gross floor area approx. 71,600 m²
Construction time Construction start
  Dismantling: 2013
  Soil restructuring: 2013
  Development: 2014
  Planned completion
  Dismantling: 2014
  Soil restructuring: 2016
  Development: 2017


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