Construction Management Office Building LaVista, Düsseldorf

The new attraction in Oberkassel

The LaVista office and business building is impressive both as a harmonic extension of Belmundo and as a building with its own unmistakeable character in equal measures. With attractive shops, cafes and restaurants, the ground floor zones create a new hub of activity attractive for the whole quarter. The glass facade facing Belsenplatz greets tenants and visitors with space and transparency.

With windows extending to the floor and a tiered attic level with a surrounding roof terrace, the upper floors offer tenants high-quality office spaces and unique views. The flexible layout of the building allows for highly-efficient office configurations, from single offices to open plan offices.

An energy-saving, natural climate-control system using combined heating and cooling ceilings is one of the features contributing to the building’s sustainable overall concept and its certification as a green building. This ensures a highly comfortable climate throughout the whole building, which can be individually regulated in different areas. The high-quality furnishing of the building includes the networking of workstations via floor tanks and an innovative access control system.


Our performance Construction Management
Client CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
Location Düsseldorf, Oberkassel
Building type Office building
Gross floor area approx. 4.300 m²
Rental area approx. 4,100 m²
Use Office, retail
Architect sop architekten
Parking spaces 125 underground parking
Construction time 2012 – 2015
Certification DGNB Gold


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