ZigZag – Mainz

ZigZag - Mainz

New landmark at Zollhafen Mainz

The construction area is located in the North of Zollhafen Mainz and is bordering directly at the harbour basin. ZigZag with approx. 12.000 m² floor area includes a building ensemble which will be properly realized in 2 construction parts. The proposal provides for the rear construction parts a 5-storey building with a flexible area structure and a mixed usage. In the front section there will be raised a 42 m high office building with a urban square at the habour basin.

In common with all new CA Immo building-projects ZigZag will also be planned and constructed in compliance with stringent sustainability criteria and will be certificated as a Green Building.

Project sheet ZigZag

Our performance

Construction Management 


CA Immo Mainz Hafenspitze GmbH


Mainz, Zollhafen

Building type

Office building

Gross floor area

GFA ca. 15.000 m² (BA1 + BA2)




MVRDV Rotterdam + morePlatz München

Construction time

2015 – 2017 (BA 1)