The range of projects we manage is wide. It includes highrises, shopping malls, industrial and logistics projects, representative office and commercial buildings as well as property conditioning and infrastruture projects. A common feature of the projects is that they are realized at exposed locations of major cities. The clients rely on our experts right from the beginning.

Europacity – Berlin

Restructuring of a former Schwellentränke and revitalisation of a former railway system

Located directly next to the Berlin Central Station and vis-à-vis to the government district, the...

Erlenmatt Stadtquartier – Basel

Revitalisation of a former railway system

North of the city center in Basel a new mixed residential quarter with comfortable apartments, attractive working spaces, shopping and...

Baumkirchen Mitte – Munich

District development 

On approx. 131.000 m² of the former Bahnausbesserungswerk 4 in Munich’s city district Berg am Laim high quality residential buildings with additional...

Stadtquartier Zollhafen – Mainz

Technical processing and project management

On a construction area of 30 ha a new city district with a mixed utilization of living, culture and commercial space will be developed at...

Marina Quartier – Regensburg

Revitalisation of a Schlachthofgelände

In 2011 the CA Immo Deutschland has acquired an approx. 7 ha former Schlachthofgelände in Regensburg which fulfilled a new function in the city’s...

Gravil pit – Feldkirchen

Backfilling gravil pit - development of a residential and commercial location  

At approx. 28 ha site of a former gravil pit a new quarter with a mixture of residential,...

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